Tips for Dressing a Baby for All Weather

09 Jul

Whether you are staying indoors or going out with your baby and sure that you dress them up appropriately. The children are susceptible to infections and diseases that are brought about by seasonal changes. Dressing them up appropriately will protect them from some of these infections. We should consider the following tips on dressing your child, read more here.

During warm weather, dress the baby in loose clothes that are light in weight. The fabric should be breathable cotton so that it absorbs sweat. Use light-colored clothes because they reflect sunlight, unlike dark clothes that absorb heat.  Dress them in extra-large soft so that they can take them off quickly. Babies that are six months or below should be dressed up in long sleeves and long pants or leggings because their skin is not mature enough to be exposed to the sun. Use suitable sunscreen products for the baby. Consult a pediatrician on the types of fastening products to use. Buy hats for them to protect their eyes from the sun instead of glasses.

When the baby is crying during cold weather, you can feel their ears, fingers, neck and toes to check if they are cold. This is because cold also make the baby uncomfortable. When the weather is cold, dress the baby in the same number of layers of clothes you are wearing. Add an extra sweater and a blanket to keep them warm. You should not over-bundle them. Overdressing the baby can make them sweat a lot. If you're not careful, the many blankets that you are wrapping the child inside may suffocate them. When the temperatures are dropping so low because of ice, do not dress the baby in one very warm garment. Dress them with the layers that you are wearing so that you get an easy time adding and removing the clothing when you go out and come back indoors. They are baby gloves and socks to be worn on the legs and feet if they are old enough.  Use booties and mittens to protect the heads, ears, hands and feet.

Ensure that the clothes do not have tags that will scratch them. Check if the clothes have rough edges and get rid of them. The rough edges and tags will break the skin because they still have tender skin.  Avoid clothes that have a tight waist, wrist and leg bands because the tight bands will prevent sufficient flow of blood.

Avoid dressing the child in too bulky clothes because they are putting on take diapers. The diapers are keeping them warm. They need a little bulky dressing so that they feel comfortable. Find out more info from CityGirlGoneMom.

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